You have lots of choices with adoption. Will it be open, semi-open, or closed? Will it be private, or will you use an agency?

Today there are adoption plans that allow you to know your child and be a part of your child’s life. You can have the peace of knowing your child is loved and cared for by the couple you choose. We can help you understand your adoption.

Types of Adoption Plans

Closed Adoption Plan

As you learn more about adoption, you’ll start to create a plan that brings you comfort. You’ll be asked how much involvement you want to have in the future. If you want to remain anonymous, choose a closed adoption plan. The specialist will determine the adoptive family based on your requests and take care of the details. Some women feel remaining anonymous helps them move on with their lives.

Open or Semi-Open Adoption Plan

If you want to have ongoing contact with the adoptive family and your child, you will make an open or semi-open adoption plan. These plans involve exchanging personal information like full names, addresses, emails, or even phone numbers with the adoptive family you choose.

In an open adoption, you would have direct contact with them. Together, you would arrange meetings and communicate regularly. With a semi-open adoption, you would have contact, but it would be through a third party, such as the adoption agency or lawyer. 

None of these plans is better than the others. You choose based on what’s most comfortable for you and your baby.

Is Adoption For You?

Only you can decide if adoption is the best choice for you. Adoption can be a difficult choice. It would help to have a strong support system and counsel before and after your child is born.

We can help be the support you need no matter what you choose. Talk with us today about this pregnancy option!