Talking to your family about your decision to have an abortion can be quite a challenge. What will your parents/siblings say? Will they try to pressure you into something else?

While you may feel scared to share your decision with your family, do your best to stay open and calm. You can do this. Keep reading to learn more tips for how to talk to your family.

How to Talk to Your Family

Choose a Good Time

Maybe you backed out a couple of times from sharing the news about your pregnancy or your abortion decision with your family. Choosing a good time can help with the initial anxiety that can come with this step.

Try sharing when your family is most relaxed and has time to respond and work through their emotions. Schedule a time when your family is off work and in their most relaxed state.

Hear Them Out

Go into the situation open minded and do your best to listen to your family. Consider their questions and concerns about your pregnancy options.

Consider their questions or concerns about the risks of abortion. They may have input and advice you haven’t heard yet.

Confirm Your Pregnancy Details

Before considering and talking through your abortion options, it’s important to confirm if you are eligible for abortion. Confirm your pregnancy details with our free pregnancy tests and a limited ultrasound. We can also inform you more about abortion risks and side effects.

However your family responds, know that the final decision is yours. We are here to listen to your unique situation and educate you about your options so that you can make an informed decision.

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